Watch out people, I've got my mitts on! Actually they're tissue boxes, since Dad was never much of a fighter. Actually what is boxing day? I said to Dad, is this like Samtsirhc where you wrap up the presents you got? He said no (after I explained to him what Samtsirhc was), he said maybe it came from when Christians gave gifts to the poor in the Middle Ages. I thought that was a pretty great idea, especially since we usually give gifts to people who have way too much anyhow. Although I am going through my 29 microwaves pretty well. Many thanks again to Mom and Dad and all the other gift givers on my last birthday.

We didn't actually do very much today, though we played a board game or two, mostly we just enjoyed having some time together, that's the nice thing with family. And maybe we'll have more of these times in the future, hopefully. Maybe they'll move to Sparrow Falls. My saleswomanship is levelling up by the day. Props to Helga. Not sure what kind of props, maybe stage props. Viking stage props, yeah.

Well, there goes another day, and the last full day here in the city. In some ways I'm glad it's the last because I actually feel homesick, which is both weird and good. But will miss Mom and Dad definitely, and I know they'll miss me. Well, one day at a time Livi, one day at a time. I mean you can't take the days any other way anyhow, unless you have quantum fugue again or something, but hopefully not that again.

One thing I do miss maybe about the city is the closeness of the shops. Everything is pretty convenient, I guess that's what happens with a larger population. Maybe Russians also are more laid back and don't feel the need for convenience as much. I like Russians. I've decided when I go back, I'm officially counting myself as one. Da?

- Livi.