As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep
as angels watch me through the night until I wake, my morning light. Amen.

I remembered that old poem as I slept in my old bed last night. I had prayed it when I was little pretty often, maybe mostly because I was afraid of nightmares, but after I knew God, it definitely took on a whole different meaning. Also when I got past my dyslexia and realized that it wasn't angles that were watching me through the night. Acute, I do believe.

So here I am waking up before church, and already it feels like a lot has gone on. Mom and Dad have so much to show me, not just around the house, but with their neighbors, whose son I played with a lot when I was little. Mud castles, ah nostalgia. I'm looking forward to seeing all the people at my old church again, it's definitely been a long time. I hope they're doing well. I know the pastor here is a good man, just like my pastor now, I'm really grateful for this church I was brought up in, also my new church. Today it's going to be weird not seeing the DLS plus other people, but I know it's just one Sunday. And I also know that the people who are here are still forever family, even if I don't see them again after I leave in a couple days. Life is weird. Also croissants, which we are having for breakfast. I woke up early, so tried to ovenate some of them, but they went soggy. Go figure.

Well, I hear the M and D getting up now, so I better make this weblog slash web log slash web something short. I'm glad to be here, but I know I'll be glad to be back as well. The only thing I'll really miss here are the people. And let's be honest, they're not things anyway. Yeah, I'll miss them. Also Tinkerbell, but Mary definitely won't. Well, I hear footsteps on the stairs, sounds like the Dad. I'm so glad it's Sunday, Christmas or not. Sometimes it's a hard message, and I realize so many things I need to change, sometimes encouraging, but always something I need to hear. And that's good, kind of like food I guess, what's healthy for you sometimes tastes bad, but we always need it.

- Livi.