I did tell you that Tinkerbell was still alive, right? Well, I mean, did I tell you about the sodas I used to put into her drink bowl? Ah right, let's not go there. Anyhow, she is alive and kicking. Mostly the china from the display cupboards, according to Mom. Dad said hey Livi, we're out a lot, and think Tinkerbell could use some more attention, I don't suppose you might want to take her with you? She's always been fond of you. I laughed. They still don't know my soda trick. I said well Dad, the problem is my complex won't allow for cats. Dad said oh right, I didn't know Livi. I said what? He said have you been managing your complex ok? I said oh yeah for sure, a lick of paint and 30 microwaves keeps it entertaining for the most part. My friends don't mind it either. I'm pretty much at home in it.

It was lunch, and Tinkerbell came up to nuzzle my foot, as she does. I said hi there Tinkerbell, it is I, Livi of the Soda. While she was saying hello, Dad asked if I wanted to catch up with Uncle Kevin at all? I said yeah sure, I've got enough energy today, hey I can even show you Mary's incredibubble driving skills while I'm at it! So we all went to go outside. Tinkerbell was following me out and pretty much everywhere, when we stopped to talk before getting in the seats, she went off somewhere else while Dad and I kept talking. Then I heard a horrible scratching sound, and turned around to see Tinkerbell sharpening her claws on Mary's door. But suddenly there was a THUD and whoosh one of Mary's new pneumatic doors popped open, and Tinkerbell went flying into the bushes. I said Mary, hey that's not called for! She said Mooom, the cat was scratching me! So Tinkerbell came out of the bushes, but as she came close, Mary started honking, and Tinkerbell started hissing, and Dad said um yeah maybe we better keep Tinkerbell with us after all. So he let her back inside, and Mary took us all on a nice quiet drive. Apart from several honks, because there were still ducks.

Mom said Mary I'm very impressed at your driving. Mary said I'm going to be a racing car driver one day, grandma! I said no you're not, and that was the end of that conversation. As we were driving to Uncle Kevin's, I was missing the scenery already. The city is a big grey block of concrete. I tried to sell M and D on this, but they weren't convinced, it seems. But it looks like even Mary has warmed to Sparrow Falls, which I'm kind of surprised by, by how much she was talking about it. Maybe I'm wrong. But she didn't complain about our town, anyway. Later Mary started talking to them both about the great drives they have in the country, and about the genius who is called Dylan, who can apparently fix anything, even spacecrafts. I said Mary, I don't think he can fix those.

As we went on the drive, we played license plate bingo. Don't know if you've played it before, but it's fun. I won, because I found the last entry, which was to find a license that had stains on it. So I pulled out my driver's license. I blame spaghetti bolognaise.

- Livi.