Mom, hey Mooooom, HEY MOOOOOOM!!! What wait where are we huh what's going on, how did you get out of the garage Mary and up the stairs? Wait why am I in your back seat with a blanket on where are we, wow my eyes are so blurry, and-


I blinked. Then I blinked again. Then I blinked another three times, and still everything was blurry. Then I realized that was because I had a piece of plastic wrap in front of my face. I sat up, and lo and behold Nostalgia came knocking at my door. I actually cried when I looked out and saw Mom and Dad's house. I said Mary, my special daughter, Merry Christmas to you too. And welcome back to Mom and Dad's house, thanks for bringing me here. Wait, have we just arrived?

Then there was a turn of the door, and Dad's head poked out as if to see what was going on outside, and then he saw, I guess, a big bright yellow thing on his lawn, and I'm guessing something that vaguely resembled his daughter. I say vaguely, because I still hadn't managed to untangle myself from the plastic wrap. He called out behind him in the house, ran down the stairs, and next thing I know is I'm standing on my feet with Dad's big arms around me, both of us crying and wishing each other happy Christmas. Then Mom ran out, and suddenly it did all feel like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one. I said Mom, Dad, I've missed you so much. I tried teleporting your house to Sparrow Falls, but it didn't work. Mom said don't worry Livi, we're so glad you're here now. And we just didn't say anything for a little while. Until, of course, a horn honked, and Mary was asking why she didn't get a hug. Now, I don't know if you've ever tried to hug a car, but it's a bit difficult.

Dad and Mom said hi to Mary, and Dad stayed out a little while keeping her company while Mom took me inside, because well I really needed to sit down. I said Mom, is there still plastic wrap in my hair? She said no Livi. I said phew. She said no it's a USB cord. So she took me to the bathroom, and I managed to unplug myself with a comb and some scissors. Dad came back with a coffee, he said to help me recharge. I said well I've just unplugged, you're too late.

When we all sat down to the breakfast table, I started talking, then Mom started talking, then Dad started talking, then La Cucaracha started talking, we all had so much to talk (or honk) about. Dad and Mom didn't talk much about their work, although they did say it was busy, but they don't get the crazy produce shoppers like me. I said to them, you have absolutely got to come and join me in Sparrow Falls. It's such a nice place. They said oh, you sound like you've settled in ok. I said yep, I'm practically Russian. Then Mom opened up the Egg Nog (I always write "Gr" in texta before the "egg" bit on the carton) and we had flatpanflipbread, blueberry style. I said Mom, Dad, I still want you to meet my friends and church family in Sparrow Falls one day. Why do you have to live so far away? They laughed and said Livi, why did you have to live so far away? I said oh yeah, right.

Christmas went on as Christmas does, we had lunch and dinner, and sang some hymns, and gave gifts (they liked the chocolate, by the way), Mary also got Wash and Wax from them (is this like a big conspiracy or something? D-man, I'm watching you) and then Mary gave ME a present. I said wow Mary, I didn't expect this from you, that's very kind of you, thanks! I opened it, and it was Wash and Wax. I said umm Mary, thanks but how am I meant to use this? She said well you mix it in a bucket, and get a sponge, and apply it. I said um right, well I guess this is like Samtsirhc then, so I would like to give it to you, Mary. She said oh really? Thanks Livi! I said no problem.

Regardless of what happens on Christmas, having the warmth of family reminds me what it's all really about. Because Christmas is about an advent, the advent of someone who came to make us his own family, and that's what Christmas reminds me of every year.

- Livi.