Today is brought to you by the letter A. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa work is crazy. My head felt like it was spinning all day trying to handle all the customers and keep the stocks shelved, I mean the shelves stocked, and when the day was over I slumped into the passenger seat and said Mary I'm so glad that you can drive. She said I like driving Mom. I said good, you can drive tonight too.

I'm still feeling exhausted as I write this. I haven't really had the time to look forward to Christmas tomorrow as everything today was pure madness. L was kind enough to come over and she definitely did her part of the packing. Not 12% either, more like 99. L, if you're reading this, thank you very muchly. Also, I hope you and D-man have a wonderful Christmas kind of together, but mostly not because you're at your parents' places. Anyhow, I'm sure you'll call. Bye for a week or so! Mary also says bye.

I've loaded up Mary's back seats and trunk with the suitcases L packed. It seems weird that I'm going back to the city, wow I almost said home, I'm looking forward to it for the sake of seeing M and D. I've really missed them here, but not the city at all. I'm officially a country pumpkin. Wait that's not right. I need more tan for that.

Goodbye Sparrow Falls, for now. I actually feel sad writing this, Sparrow Falls has become my home 100%. Maybe even 110%, because that's theoretically possible in the quantum realm according to my Scotch professor. But as for now, goodnight, all, I'm going to sleep while Mary drives. I'll put a cardboard cutout of myself or something in the driver's seat.

- Livi.