Merry Christmas Steve, everybody! For those of you who do not know about this wonderfrubulous tradition, it is two days before Christmas, and one day before Christmas Eve where you are contractually obliged by holiday law to make and eat sugar cookies. The unfortunate thing is that I have no Mom present to make sugar cookies, so I had to make them by myself.

What you need for sugar cookies are 1. sugar, and 2. cookies. Now the cookies are the hard part. For that you need flour, butter, a pinch of salt, and of course more sugar. What you do is mix them together in the correct ratio (which is about equal flour butter and sugar). Once the sugar cookies are all mixed up (they get confused easily) you whack the dough on the bench and roll it out, then get something round to cut it into cookie-sized pieces. I'm on a diet, so I only have one cookie. The mould I use for cutting around is a wok.

Then you put it all onto trays lined with baking paper. Don't use A4 as a substitute. I, uh... well this is my second attempt at the recipe. Now once you have the cookies, or in my case COOKIE on the baking tray (if you used a wok for tracing, you may have to fold the cookie once or twice) and put it in the oven, which you have preheated at 175. That's Celsius, by the way. Then you leave them in until they are golden. Then, lo and behold... COOKIES!

I sat for a while admiring my perfect sugar cookie. It was golden, and looked amazing, and smelled like sugar cookie. I said to myself, Mom is going to be so proud. I might even make another wok cookie with the leftover batter to give to them at Christmas. Helga's cooking skill levels up! Then I grabbed a glass of milk and started on the cookie.

I say started, because well you know salt should be like blue or something so it doesn't look exactly like sugar with the white crystals and all.

- Livi.