We all met at D-man's at 6. I said hi D-man, nice to meet you, I'm Livi. Then I went in, and waited for the Susanmobile to rock up (expecting grunge this time) and also the L. D's parents were there, and they had already set the table, and we got to talking for a bit. D's not super talkative, although he's super friendly. Unless it's about redline tangents or something. Then there was a knock at the door, and it was the Susanmobile. She came in looking a bit like a dwarf carrying an elephant. I said wow S, that's some serious balancing powers, want a hand there? And the D-man and I helped her with some of the food she brought. I said wow S, you're a great cook! And you brought a lot. They only asked me to bring drinks this time, I don't know why. Then the L at last showed up, and I heard her talking outside a while, wishing my daughter a Mary - merry Christmas I mean, and then she came in too. We were all super hungry, so we thanked God for the food and then dove right in. Not literally, although that gives me an idea for next year's Triathlon. L said wow this is nice, although now it's going to feel weird having another Christmas in three days. We all talked for a good long while, then I heard the revving of an engine outside and I said hey guys um, now that we're finished, would it be okay to like do presents in the garage area? They said yes, and Mary was very happy.

While the herald angels sang, we gave each other gifts. It was really nice just spending some time together, and L also did a devotion after the gifts, which was great to hear. Mary got Wash and Wax. I said to myself oh no, now she's going to expect a quote-unquote bath every single night. Before Christmas is over, she'll have as much wash and wax as I have future ovens. I gave my gifts to the DL, and also the S, and then Mary chimed in and said wait what about me? And I said Mary, we're not going to see the DLS at Christmas, that's why they're getting theirs now. I have more for you on the 25th. But Mooooooooooooooomm...

I leaned back on the camping chair and added some lemon cordial to my drink. I said you know S, this is a really nice Christmas together, I'm glad you could make it too, I hope the swimming people were alright with you taking leave. She said oh it's no problems, I would rather be seeing you than swimming. D and L talked a bit about what they were doing for Christmas day, and also S, who was catching up with the Sauntie, and possibly her kids, all of which I suggest she names them all Houdini. I said yeah well I'm off to the M and D's in two days, going to miss you all. I'm back on the 29th for work though. They wished me a good thyme, and I wished them a good thyme. Then we all clinked glasses and drank. I said hey D, how come this lemon cordial doesn't mix properly? He said Livi, that's the olive oil.

The night seemed to go really fast for some reason. I guess that means we were enjoying our thyme. I mean our time. We were pretty full after dessert, but D's Mom came in after and said hey can I have help cutting the fruit from one of you? I said sure, produce is my thing. She said thanks Livi, and we headed in to the kitchen together. Then she handed me a knife, and the next thing I know is there's a watermelon in front of my eyes. It appears I cannot escape them. We will have a long and fiery rivalry, watermelons and I.

- Livi.