Why are there so many spellings of yoghurt? Like yogurt. Or yoghourt. Or yogurt. Or yoghouourt (maybe not the last one). Anyhow, let me tell of of my great adventures in the land of froyo. FroYo, for those who are sadly unacquainted with this wonder food, is short for frozen yoghurt/yogurt/yoghourt. You can go to places in the city and get a good froyo, but not here, so I decided to make my own. Well, to tell the truth it was more of a happy accident. Really happy. Like I'm going to do this accident on purpose again.

I went down to the store and got some of the yoghurt last week, but by yesterday it was already at its expiry date, and I had just eaten and didn't feel like yoghurt so I put it in the freezer, thought all good I'll just defrost it some time later in my oven of the future. Well, today was that some time later. I threw the froyo in the microwave, forgot it was foil-capped, and suddenly BA-ZAP! and BA-ZOOP! Also crackle and pop come to mind.

I had never seen such a light display. In retrospect now I see that the common sense thing would have been to turn the microwave off, pull out the plug, or press the cancel button. But the world never advances by a lack of courage. So I stood there watching these kind of firework-things fly from the lid of the froyo (by then probably only semi-froyo) and all around the microwave. There were red and orange, and I think also white and yellow, until the oven dinged and my meal was cooked. By that time though, I wasn't properly hungry what with all the smells and everything, so I didn't eat it.

No, I put it in again. And wow, zippity zip zap bop and bing, it was like new year's eve all over again.

Tomorrow I want to try Mrs. Tomson's cherry-and-rhubarb yoghurt packs, foil-sealed for freshness. I wonder if that will beat plain vanilla.

- Livi