The days are starting to blend together, kind of like the asparagus and chocolate smoothie I made when I was five (don't do that). Work has just been hectic, crazy, crazy hectic and I'm glad God has given me strength to get through it all, like sometimes it feels pretty emotionally draining and all. Physically draining too, but that's mostly because of the watermelons. But I'm getting through it, you know. Only one more week of this craziness. People are now beginning to stock up on asparagus, and also other vegetables, but probably not for smoothies. People are also going nuts for nuts.

Mary asked me today if there was a Christmas pageant, and could she ride in it. I hadn't actually even thought of that, it's a small town, but I guess large enough to have a pageant if they really want. Mary said she's good at floats. I said I am too. Especially the dead man's float, according to Susan. Planning to hit the water again in the new year, I'll get there eventual Li.

It's already time for bed. Wow do you have days like this when you feel like your life is on repeat? I mean I guess life is always on repeat because of the day and night cycle, but sometimes it feels like I don't know more like that than others. I'll be working this Friday as well. It's hard sometimes to slow down and think and read and pray, and well it's actually been pretty hard this time of year to be honest, but God's helping me get through.

- Livi.