Everything went really well today, nothing went wrong even, I didn't drop any apples or have to wrestle evil watermelons. Truck Delivery Guy came in as usual, Markopolos and I were watching him back in. He's really incredibly good at what he does, I mean he's super fast and efficient, but also gentle enough that nothing in his truck falls over or gets damaged. Mark said this to me, that wow he's really slick with his driving, he handles the truck so well. I said yes, he's a smooth operator. Then we unloaded, and another day began.

Well, now as I'm sitting down about to have some dinner, I'm really quite happy and grateful for today. It was busy, but it was one of those occasional days where everything is smooth sailing. Not that you don't learn more in the days that aren't, but sometimes the sunny days inbetween are nice. Mary by the way is now counting down the days until Christmas also, and to be fair she has waited a long time with some amount of patience now, so that's good. She'll be glad to see the city again.

So yep, everything went smooth as butter today. Butter makes food better. Speaking of which, what's that smell coming from my microwave?

- Livi.