We don't know what happened to the dates we had, and we're out of time. I mean thyme. Literally all the dates and nuts are gone, and also most of the dried herbs. Christmas is here, and it's mad. So, today I have been doing literally nothing but stacking, because everyone's buying everything. AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok take a breath Livi you're alright, now don't drop those apples, call over Jon-n-n-n to stack those oranges with his black magic, give the watermelons the evil eye. Watermelons and I will never be friends.

Also durian. Have you ever heard of it? No? Well that's good. But if anyone ever says 'would you like some durian?' say no and run away very fast. If someone says they have durian in a container and are about to open it, pretend that container is full of uranium. And run away very fast.

So I had my first experience with this horrible terrible evil monstrosity fruit developed by evil Livis no doubt, in some parallel universe laboratory. They came in wrappers, I didn't know why, so I opened one. BAD MISTAKE, BAD MISTAKE! gag cough gag run run run. Have you ever worn a pair of gym socks? Then maybe your dog got hold of it and ran it through the yard? Then maybe you dropped some blue cheese on it and forgot it for a week. Well that would be better than durian.

Wow, I'm getting in the shower. If I ever have kids, I think they might even still smell like durian.

- Livi.