Welcome back, Carol and family. Long time no see! My favorite of your relatives are Angels We Have Heard On High, which when I was five and dyslexic I thought was all about angles, probably right and obtuse. Also I like Joy to the World and O Holy Night as I said yesterday. You know, the more I think about Christmas, the less I understand it. I don't mean like I get what it's about less, but it just seems even more wonderful. God, pure and joyful God, coming to a sinful and pretty terrible earth. The more I see I'm sinful the less I even frankly understands why he cares about me. But he does, and that's why Christmas is so great. And I like all the little things up at Christmastime in our church, tinsel and bells and lights, I like the feel of it all, it all reminds me of this season.

So welcome back Carol and Family. I've missed you. Well, except for your weird cousin Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. Dad always put it in the corner, so that was absolutely impossible. I think Dad hated when we played that song on repeat.

I've also yet to hear the brass band in the garage play I Want To Wish You A Mary Christmas, but let's not get our hopes up. You know how these things go down.

- Livi.