Well, do you remember that farming place I went to when I first moved into The Complex? That place where I talked to the farmer and watched his vegetabubbles. I needed a really good walk today after all of work, just to relax and be out in God's great creation, and so Mary drove down, and I had a bit of a wander when I came to that place again. I said hey deja vu! But I always think it should be said twice, since that's the whole point of deja vu deja vu. And I stood there and saw that all the new plants he had planted had all come up. They were still pretty young, but most were healthy. And the farmer guy came over to me, at first I didn't see him because he was bending down and weeding I think, but then he stood up and I said to myself hey it's him again! So we got talking.

As it turns out, it's been a good year for farming. Most of what he has planted has grown. I asked him how his saying went this year, one for the crows, one for the thorns, one for the rocks, and one to grow, and he said it's pretty true. At the end of the day it's usually only about a fourth that gets to harvest size. I said to him, what happens to the rest? He said some are duds, some the birds always peck and eat, and sometimes you get rocks here or there in the ground, and the roots don't grow. He said but the ones that do grow he takes great pride in, and they all grow into full size harvest once they've got their roots down. I said so the saying's pretty true. He said definitely.

I walked along, and he let me try some of his sweet peas, and I have to say they were pretty good. What an amazing kind of job I thought to myself, where he doesn't see any actual results from his work for such a long time, and then even when he sees it growing, most of them are totally duds. But you know what, he gets a great harvest every year, and I watched him as he worked, and I have to say that he really did love his job. He was even whistling as he went.

- Livi.