Well, work is starting to noticeably pick up. It's nothing like the city of course, but the busyness here is definitely noticeable. We're mainly selling out of nuts and dried fruit, I'm guessing people only do the fresh fruit and veg rush the week before, because they don't last as long. But all going well. After work, I went home and started on some dinner.

It was five to five, and the RING A DING A DING DONG rang loud and clear. I grabbed the case of cola next to the door, opened it wide, and said SURPRISE REVERSE DELIVERY! He said parcel for Olivia Paige. I said parcel for Mark the Parcel Man, and we swapped. He said what's this for? I said Merry Christmas parcel man, this is to say thank you for doing such a fabulacious job of parcel delivery. Also it's to wish you Merry Christmas since I won't be getting any more parcels before the 25th. He said thanks, Merry Christmas to you too, then said he had to go, and sped off. Shame we didn't have much time to talk about Christmas, but he's always in a rush.

Yep, Christmas is coming soon, and I love this season of year, although it seems to be getting longer every year too.

Oh well, better get those hot cross buns in the oven.

- Livi.