I called up the DL today, and talked a bit about Christmas. I said it's going to be weird being away from Sparrow Falls. They said we'll miss seeing you for a while, but hey it's good you can catch your parents. I said I have no intention of doing that, they're way too heavy. Then L said hey what if we all caught up beforehand, like a DLS Christmas, as you'd say it? I said L, are you also a telepath?

So it's the 21st, or the 22nd maybe, depends on how things go with work. Mostly L's, but mine could get busy too. Not sure how the Susanmobile is going in all this. Hopefully she's finding everything still going along easy Li. L said did I have a church service up in the city? I said yep, sure do, best thing about Christmas, wouldn't miss it. And it's true. So easy to get lost in the tinsel and decorations. I know I did when I was five, it took my Dad two hours to unravel me. But everything about Christmas I love, but it would all be super empty without the Greatest Gift.

I remember one Christmas waking up, my Dad's eyes beaming and waiting to wish me Merry Christmas and to give me a gift. We had such a great day that day, going to church, singing hymns and praising God, coming home, having lunch and dinner, and opening presents, something an eight year old always wants. I was counting down the sleeps until opening presents.

I don't even remember what that present was. What I do remember is my Dad, and how much he loved me, and that he did in fact enjoy giving me gifts. I remember church, and seeing Mom, and friends... still not sure what that present was. And maybe that's the whole point.

- Livi.