I am plotting. Mu ha ha ha ha. Ha. Ha ha. But about Christmas things. I called up the M and D today again, and we got sorted some Christmas things, namely when I would come over, and how long for, and when. Festive plotting. I couldn't get leave for the 24th, so it will be a long drive at night. For Mary. I will be sleeping. Ah, yes the benefits of letting Mary drive. Now, when I was mentioning this to Mary, she brought up Christmas gifts, and said thanks for buying me presents. I said you don't know that. She said ok, well thanks Mom, I could use it by Christmas time.

How does she know? What, is Mary telepathic too? How can everybody read my thoughts? Shopkeepers, sales assistants, and now Mary. They're all telepathic. She doesn't know. How could she?

So the plan is this: 24th, drive up. But before that, pack. Most likely enlist Violet Beauregarde to help. Arrive morning 25th, after having slept well, all good to go. Carve turkey, slather liberally with cranberry sauce, open presents, put on 25 pounds. But before that, I'll be returning to my old church to meet the old people. Sorry, no offense to youths, I just mean people I haven't seen for a long time. It feels like a long time. Also I do miss Mom and Dad. I will be the most persuasive saleswoman possible for moving houses to the Sparrow Falls area.

Speaking of plotting, did you ever do logarithmic graphs in mathematics? I don't really remember what it was about, but it involved lines. I spent hours trying to figure out the most ideal graph possible, I put in all these curves and loops, spent ages on it. The professor always gave me a D, though. Maybe it was because of the rollercoaster carts I drew on the track.

- Livi.