Well, I managed to track down the crusty dusty black rusty thingo from the auto and tools shop place down south, they knew immediately what I was talking about. I said that's impressive, because even I don't know what I'm talking about. As it turns out, auto sales assistants are also telepaths.

Mary helped me track down the robot vacuum cleaner thing online, and I bought it, so should be coming next week. Hopefully that helps the L with cleaning. She sure gets busy at her job. Now, while I was out today, I tried to find the perfect gift for Mary. I mean, let's be honest here, practically I could buy her a million things, none of which would actually be practical. Like a snowmobile, or a ticket to the moon. Probably jet thruster packs and a flamethrower. But I am a Mom with practical love, and so I bought her a wash and wax voucher. Pretty sure she won't guess that.

In other news, today was actually a pretty long day. Sometimes as you're walking along the mall it makes you kind of feel more exhausted. Not that I don't like shopping or anything, but sometimes wow ads ads and more ads, it's like the mall exists purely to get your money or something. There was this one travel poster where there was a happy couple on Vanuatu or something, with palm trees, and I think a mountain behind them. Anyhow, the motto was something like the good life starts here, and for a moment I was kind of thinking that that looked amazing, and what was I missing out on. But then I thought, hey what if that mountain behind them is a volcano? So maybe it was Pompeii.

There was this song running through my head earlier on that we sung on Sunday, and it came back to my head. Guide me O thou great Jehovah, pilgrim through this barren land. I am weak, but thou art mighty, hold me with thy powerful hand. Bread of heaven, bread of heaven, feed me 'til I want no more, feed me til I want no more. And then I remembered that I was a pilgrim, and that the good life doesn't start here, and when we make our lives here on this earth, it does actually turn out to be Pompeii. Yeah, and I thought of Des again. I'm sorry for bringing him up so much. But the good life starts there. With Christ.

- Livi.