So I asked myself, what is the DL getting for Christmas? I considered getting the D another car, but since he hasn't even worked on the first I decided it would be best not to. I could give them a microwave. Ha. Ha ha. Or thirteen. And so after work again I wandered the shops. The thing is, L has a sweet tooth like me, so she'll already be getting chocolate overdose for the 25th. I didn't have any ideas, so I called up hidden dragon.

Hi fourth, I said, it's the fourth. So, um, how's life going? Any particular sub-fifty dollar items you just suddenly realized you could use but would never buy yourself? No reason. Also L, has she on the off mentioned anything similar for herself? He said she hadn't. So I said how's the oldsmobile going? He said good, but I'll have to take a break from it until new year, because now work is very busy. I said oh yeah, what's next on the agenda? He said bodywork. I said what kind of bodywork? Do you have all the materials and everything? He said ah well I haven't bought the black Dusty Rusty's 74B rust conversion 200ml yet, I'll get that after new year when I start work. I said oh yeah, no chance L the twelfth also needs some dusty rusty stuff? He said no, but now that you mention it, her room is always a bit dusty and I think she needs one of those robot vacuums because she never remembers to clean. I said BINGO! He said what? I said my number's just been called, I've gotta go. Thanks hidden dragon, see you later!

Okay, Dusty's Crusty 120ml, rusty brown. Where do I find that?

- Livi.