I said to Benjamin Franklin, what do I get a friend who swims but I can't get her swim stuff? Now I was afraid he was going to say a kite, but what he actually said was chocolate. I said well now here's the problem: there are so many different types of chocolate that I get indecisionitis. He said ah, that's why you get them all. Now I had a terrifying vision of Mary stacked up with literally every kind of chocolate in the supermarkets, and me drowining in the passenger seat. But what he said was no, you need to get a MIXED BOX of chocolates. I said Mr. Franklin, you are a genius. Not yet, I mean when you discover electricity. But all things in time. And then I asked what kind of mixed bag slash box should I get, and he recommended one that he was buying for a friend.

So, after work I wander down to the sweets store at the other end of the shopping mall. I buy a box of mixed chocolates, and then become hungry, and buy another box of mixed chocolates, because there's no guarantee the first one will make it to Christmas.

- Livi.