'Tis the season for questionable confectionary purchases. Fa la la la la la la la la! I mean, what do I get the DLS? Everybody likes candy, though. Apart from those weird people that don't like candy, but I exclude them.

There was this one mint that was infused with chilli. I kid you not. I said to myself, well this is like the Mary Remedy (TM), pill form. So of course I bought it. Susan will have my sympathy, and also clear nasal passages. But seriously, I asked myself, what do I buy them? Now swimming gear for S is silly, since she knows more what she needs than I do. And for hidden dragon, he knows mechanic stuff better than I do. Speaking of which, Mary is good to go, by the way, she's all not bubbly. So yeah anyway I wandered about the shops for a while, thinking and wondering, when all of a sudden it hit me. The ground. Again. I had walked into a slippery-when-wet area as marked by the cleaning lady's sign. I picked myself up, ignoring the looks of passersby, and entered into a jewellery store. I said what am I doing here. Then it caught my eye. A ring. For DL! Aha! Yes, the perfect gift!

Livi, no. They buy those things for each other, and besides, you have to know their ring size. So I wandered out, but not before taking a brochure from the saleswoman, because I pretended to be a very rich diplomat from Russia who could afford anything. I don't know if she bought my ruse. I need to learn better Russian from Helga.

Anyway, my shopping fever has officially begun, the thermometer reads 48.2 degrees celsius. Which means I am probably dead.

- Livi.