So the Mary went off to have her service today to make sure she's feeling blue. Not bubbly, she tells me, that's bad. So the L picked me up after work, because it was a short day for her (22 cm) and we drove off and left the DM to have some D and M. Probably about the redline tangent, which keeps coming up in conversation. Also, ducks keep coming up in conversation, because there are so many of them around! I said this to L, and she said well I guess it must be duck season. So there you go, Mary was right, well about the duck season part, not necessarily about them being evil. Also, she still doesn't understand why I don't use my horn when I see a duck. I have to keep apologizing to her.

So we went off to get linner, or maybe lee. I said what is the order of the day, O venerable Twelfth? She said submarine sandwiches. I said what if a dog ate a sandwich in your car? She said so what? I said you'd get a subwoofer. She said that sounds great. Now we pulled up to the sub place, where I haven't been for a while as Mary is scared of it because of salesmen or whatever. But we went inside, ordered up, then chucked our sandwiches into the car and got in. L said Livi, you just sat on your sub. I said I'm on a roll.

Well, when we got to L's place, we lit some candles (bergamot and lemon, with hints of fragrant cloves, if memory serves me right) and poured some soda, then sat down to eat. While we were eating, I noticed a little toy watch on the ground, and picked it up. I said L, what's with the kiddie watch? She said she had been minding her nephew. I said oh, how is he? She said tiring, like her work. So I tossed the watch onto the sofa. After we had eaten, I said L, if you don't mind me asking, how are the wedding plans going? I haven't heard much. She laughed and said oh not to worry Livi, it's just that we're keeping it low-key, but honestly we've prepped most of the stuff. July if the plan, we expect you'll be there! I said yep, consider your wedding crashed. L said I couldn't crash it if I were invited. I said oh.

Then L said wow I'm exhausted from the day, I'm going to lie down. So she rolled onto the sofa and said I'm so exhausted I'm going to die. I said not on my watch! and pulled the thing out from under her. She said Livi you're on fire! I said hah I know right? Well, puns are my thing. Here 'til Thursday, try the veal.

She said no, I mean Livi you're standing too close to the candles.

- Livi.