We went on a big ol' stroll today in the woods. Also Mary, because we found a path wide enough, and there was no way she was staying to mind the kids. All of which, by the way, are doing well. The wood fence that keeps them in, not so much. The trees here were pretty green, and I couldn't help but think back to last time when all the trees were littering and the forest floor was like a stained glass window of red gold yellow. Now it's not quite the same. But we walked on for some time, looking around and playing tag. That one got dangerous fast when Mary decided to get involved. Note to self: do not play tag in the presence of my daughter.

When we went back, lo and behold the goats were free. No kidding, one of them had evidently decided to go visit Sauntie or something, and chewed down the rest of one part of the pen. I said Susanmobile old girl, how well tamed are Sauntie's kids, exactly? She said not very. And then we kind of all looked at each other and hatched a plan: to catch the goats. Well, that was the obvious part. The question really was how. And that was much more difficult. S and I tried herding them, then calling Mary when that all failed. But pretty much the only thing that accomplished was getting them further apart. Now I should mention that one two of the kids were out, the rest were still there, and we put up some posts to keep it that way. And L tried to join our herding group, but didn't have any luck. Then we looked around, and D-man was AWOL. Or AWL, really, because without is one word. So I said to L, what's up with your fiance? We could really use some help right now. Now Susan was a bit panicky, and I don't blame her, so we tried a few different things, like calling goats. First I called it a nincompoop, then a few other things, but since that didn't work either I gave up. Then lo and behold the D-man came. I said D-man! D-man! where have you been? He said I've been to the freezer, that's where I've been. D-man! D-man! What did you there? He said well I got some ice-cream to share.

Now I was pretty unimpressed until he sat down on the grass, and spread out the ice-cream plus some biscuits, and what do you know after a while the kids came over and started nibbling them, and crouching tiger gave them a pat. No, I change my mind, he is now hidden dragon, he is officially a ninja. And so he eventually got them back into the pen with the aid of some extra cookies, then we shut the door and put more stakes up. I said D-man, you are a verifiable black-belt of goat herding. Now he let us girls go back inside while he did some work on the fence, much to Susan's relief, and yeah we pretty much started up some dinner, well by we I mean I was unfairly excluded. Also Mary, but of course. I mean that would be terrifying. I mean Mary. Cooking.

D-man, don't you go giving her any ideas.

- Livi.