I said Mary, I've been thinking. She said oh no. I think that was rude. Anyhow, I said that I'd like to drive up for a change, you can drive back. She said WHAT! does that mean you have to turn the steering to manual? I said yes, but I'll switch it right back, I promise. You see, she's got so used to her driving, I have too. So we did, and I drove up to the instead with a nicely packed suitcase. The Twelfth has suitcase stacking powers.

When we got there, the Susanmobile was already present, but we were still waiting on the DL. I said Mary, so far we have MOPS. MOPEDS has yet to arrive. Susan came over to us, and said she was looking so forward to this weekend away. She didn't have any swimming lessons on anyhow, so it worked perfectly. I also asked how the swan dive was going, and if since the warmer weather the pool was keeping them all working busy Li. She said it was, except for today.

Then the oldsmobile rocked up. This time, it was progressive rock. I said wow D-man, you've gone all hip on us. Maybe even shoulders, knees, and toes. Then we all ventured into the instead, and us girls went upstairs while the D-man would live downstairs, mainly to ward off any burglars, and possibly evil Livis, though we hope they've given up by this time. Also possibly to welcome Kingsley if he does in fact show up. Unlike Li, though.

Then we cranked up the old wood heater, well not cranked, because wood heaters are more lit with matches and possibly gasoline, according to crouching tiger. Maybe that's just a mechanic thing. Then L and S went on to make some dinner. I said hey I'll help, and they looked at me, then said um sure, can you mix this batter? I said yes most certainly I am capable at mixing batter, among other things. I can mix batter, I can even pour and cook batter, for that matter I can make teriyaki, and also-

That was when L interrupted me. Somehow the batter had gotten on the floor. Personally, I blame gravity and Sir Isaac Newton. Also poor product design, as bowls should stay where they are on the counter when you're stirring them with a spoon. Do magnetic bowls exist? Million dollar Livi product design coming at you.

As we sat down for some waffles, and also bacon and eggs, I asked how the DLS was doing. Mostly they were well. Sauntie's still in full transmission, wait no that's not right, I'm getting D-man's words mixed up with S's. She's in full transition, I thank God for that. L still publishing things that are published, and getting those nasty PPI down. D's new car is still old, also he hasn't worked much on the car I gave him, which was a disappointment. I think it had a lot of room for creative direction. He agreed with me on this. D's Mom and Dad are doing well, also his uncle is well, whoever he is, and L's auntie twice-removed, cousin of someperson. She's doing well too, in case you, like I, had forgotten.

Today was really good, you know. Just catching up with good old friends, well actually kind of young I guess, but it's all relative.

- Livi.