Helga came busting through the door to find me playing my marimba. I said hi Helga, also known as Helga the Magnificent, what is up? She breathed a sigh of relief, and said that the evil Livis hadn't got to me. I said no, they do not like the sound of marimbas. But then there was a knock at the door. I said oh no, this is ominous. Helga told me not to answer it unless I wanted to meet what was probably my evil twin. I didn't, but the knocks kept coming. I said Helga, I've got to find out who this is, maybe it's the Susanmobile or something. So I ran into the closet to find my trusty housemate.

Sage wandered out with the ol' O.J. and looked at Helga. "What time of day is this you get me up at? It better be important." "It's two-thirty in the afternoon." "Urgh. Alright, hold your horns, I'm going." And silent as a snake she slipped down the stairs into the backyard and peeked around the corner. Then she hurried back. "Nup, ain't no evil twin. Possibly worse if your name's Mary. It's a salesman." A salesman! I was worried. As Sage went back to catch up on some Z's, and possibly other letters of the alphabet, the DING DONG A DING A RING went off. I said undoubtedly he's been sent by my twin to distract Time Girl and me. Helga, time to get your game face on. Da, she said, then donned her shield, horned helmet, and hammer, and, all ready, opened the door.

"Da?" she said, but the salesman just froze and looked at her. "Nyet?" Undoubtedly it was Helga the Magnificent's terrifying appearance that rendered the man speechless. "Um, are you... are you... never mind." And he turned away defeated.

Helga levels up!

But then just as we were regrouping (minus Sage), there came another knock at the door. I said Time Girl, this is ominous to the power of 10. Just as I was about to summon Sage, I heard the voice of the twelfth. I said hold on, that's Violet Beauregarde! Fear not, I shall let her in. Maybe she has come to help.

So I opened the door. L stood there beaming. I guess that's because she had too much radiation exposure. She said hi Livi, just come to see if you need help packing. I said L, this is no time for packing, unless we're moving universe. She said what? I said look, the clock. L stood there a moment then said wait I have something that'll fix that. I said what? Did you get the timepiece from my evil twin? She said uh yeah sure. Soon she came back with it in her hand. One end of the cylindrical thing was marked with a plus, and the other with a minus. I said wait a minute, and went to fetch Time Girl. In a flash, Time Girl took the piece from Violet, and put the timepiece back into the clock. It clicked, and Time Girl breathed a sigh of relief before going home. I said to L when I came back, wow good job L. You truly do have superpowers. Alright, let's get packing now that harmony is restored in the universe. Yes, all was happy and harmonious. Until I heard another sound.

Mooooom! I want a pogo stick!

- Livi.