I was driving home from work, when suddenly a flash of blue and orange. I said to Mary, oh this smells bad, this smells really bad. She said what smells bad? That lemon that rolled underneath the fridge? I said Mary, that lemon is a taboo subject in our house, and we shall not speak of it. Nor the potato under the couch. But no, this is far worse, this is multidimensional bad. Ok Mom if you say so.

Well I did say so, and whatever version of me it was, I wasn't going into that clothes shop to find out. So I told Mary to gun the gas, but of course keep under the speed limit, just go a bit faster home than usual. So she did. We rocked up (grunge rock) and I opened the door to find a very distraught Time Girl. I said Time Girl me old mate, what's the matter? Dark matter? Hypercharged electrons? She said no, someone has stolen the time from your clock. I said what, are you now telling me that my five-dollar clock just happened to be the timepiece for the universe? She said yes, and furthermore that she can only fix the spacetime rift by tracking down the offender and retrieving the time. I sighed. Things like this are always happening to me nowadays. I said well I'm just a regular country girl, but I know someone who can track down anything. Hold on, I'll get her. Yep, she also lives in the cupboard.

She staggered in with a glass of the old gold and squinted. "Thought the Paige said it was 2 in the morning." She shielded her eyes from the sun. "Hm. Looks like you've got a barrel of monkeys coming your way." "Look Sage, we can both tell it's not 2 in the morning. Hear me out, we need your help." "This ain't a charity drive, T.G., gotta sweeten the deal." "Have a microwave. Paige won't know if one's missing." "Righto, could use another. So what's it this time?" "Someone's pinched the time. Undoubtedly one of the evil Livis. We need to find where she is." "And by we..."

The froyo thickens.

- Livi.