With all this going on about quantum fugue again, I went to church, to let Time Girl have some space to figure things out. And as we pulled up into the parking lot, L honked at us, and waved, then Susan rocked up (she's into j-pop now), and we all said hello. Then we talked for a while, and then Mary honked. I said Mary, it's a bit late to honk back. Then I realized she was honking at ducks.

And as the pastor was preaching today, I was looking around at all the faces, some young, some old, all weathered by different things. Like that ship with the anchor, the storms still toss, and I could see some of them had had a hard week. I definitely know what that's like. And as I was looking around, I watched some of the elderly struggle to get up and down, and said to myself wow I don't know anything about that, it must be hard and awful. They must miss the strength they had when they were young. But you know, pastor preached about the resurrection today: that is to say, about Jesus, our hope, life, and resurrection. And for some reason clocks kept coming up in my thoughts. I tried to push them aside, but they kept dinging. They were mostly grandfather clocks, and they were out of tune. And I thought of the aged people in the congregation, they were like clocks that had gone on longer and longer, and slowly kept winding down. That thought made me feel pretty sad. But with the thought of the resurrection, I said to myself, well maybe Someone can strike the clock backwards.

As I went home, and the church bells rang, and then a drummer joined in, and then a saxophone, and then a choir, I said to L, you need to remind D-man to put his phone on silent. And then I imagined church bells ringing everywhere, and clocks going backwards, and people becoming young again. And I thought of my grandfather, grandmother, and Des, and cried. But I wasn't sad. More just hopeful. And there in the middle of them all, Christ our Redeemer.

- Livi.