I was having a nice lovely quiet peaceful day today, watching the sun go down. L called after work, and we had a good long chat. At the end of it she said she should hang up. I said I should too, 'cos it's dinnertime for me. So we hung up. Then I turned around and looked at my clock on the entryway. It was still 2 o'clock. There was only one explanation for this: I had said the magic word, opening up the spacetime. Not again.

This was bad. Time Girl, I said, it is time to come out of retirement. Now. So I ducked into the closet, and in the blink of an eye, Time Girl was back in our particular universe in the multiverse to fix the missing three and a half hours. Pedestrians walking in the street had a sudden urge to offer dinner invitations. Evil Livis cringed out of fear. Multidimensional prison escapees shivered in their boots. That's because interdimensional prisons are cold. Time Girl looks at the clock, then at my phone. The time is different. This is worse than I feared, she said. Undoubtedly the evil Livis are at play.

That was not what I wanted to hear, especially from Time Girl. So I said, Time Girl, this interdimensional stuff is out of my hands, I'm going to bed. Make sure no evil Livis turn me into a marimba. Thanks.

- Livi.