I'm not sure how Mary found out that I booked the theatre next week. I thought I was pretty quiet, but she must have overheard. Super sonic hearing. Well, she asked me again when I was buying her ticket, and I said that they had the same issue as the swimming center with the narrow doors. I said how about this Mary, I'll get a projector or something for you and we'll use the garage roller door here as a screen. She said that would be great, so I called up the appliance store place and asked how much a projector cost.

Too much.

But I already said I would, so I'll hold to my word. I called up the L and asked if she might have a spare, and then the D, and lo and behold D-man's Dad (the Dad-man) had a spare (but VERY dusty) one in his shed, unused. I said may I borrow it for a while? He said sure, so I hooked up the projector and put on a DVD. Mary seemed quite happy at last, although it's always quite difficult to judge with her. She says I'm rude because I say there's no difference between any of her facial expressions, but she can understand mine. But at the end of it she seemed happy. I said we'll do the same after we're back from the theatre next week. She said that would be good.

I'm learning how to parent. Slowly.

- Livi.