The last kind of spring blossom petals floated down today. It was beautiful, but kind of bittersweet too if you know what I mean. Now I like summer, but it sure isn't as pretty as spring. The trees aren't littering, the flowers aren't littering, only the occasional pedestrian who has a sudden urge to invite me over for tea and biscuits is littering. It's weird seeing the end of seasons you love. Nothing's quite the same as spring. I'll miss it. Well, for another year or so.

Today I booked in a theatre ticket for next week. I called up the company and said hi, I am improv actor #2, also known as Livi Paige, and I would like to buy a ticket for the show next week. Do you have any bookings? She said oh yes we have a few. How many people? I said hold on a minute, and I went upstairs and closed the garage door. Then I said very quietly, just one, just one thanks. She said no problems, and then went on to take my details. I paid for the thing and then hung up. Then I debated how I would tell Mary. Eventually I decided I wouldn't, at least for a while. She gets super impatient when she has to wait for something, so I figure it's best to tell her the day before, or just on the day. Not that I want to be mean to her, but I've realized that's how she rolls on her axles.

In other news, I managed to get a spare chair from D, and chuck out my temporary chair, also known as three busted microwaves, into the skip bin at D's work, because they had extra room that week. Thanks D-man. I'm sitting next to my marimba at the moment, and considering playing it again. It's been a long time since I've really used it. You just get used to some things like the furniture. So I'm going off to have a whack at the oversized thing. Till next time,

- Overgrown Toddler Bashing on a Xylophone.