The DL called me today. I said hi DL! I never know how to answer these calls when you're both on the same line. Do I say hi D, or hi L? L said oh Livi I caught up with Susan today at the pool. I said wow that's impressive, she's a fast swimmer, though not as fast as her friend, who swims even more quick Li. L said well Susan said what if we all caught up together at the instead before the December rush hits? Maybe the next week Friday and Saturday? It would just be you, me, Dylan, and Susan. And Mary, of course. So MOPEDS strikes again? I said. L laughed. Yep, MOPEDS strikes again. Could you make it? I said yeah, I don't work Fridays, plus Saturdays are my days off too. I shall be there, no kidding about! Also, how is Sauntie doing, if you know? I forgot to ask. L said yeah, she's still in total remission praise God, all is well. I said fantabulistic.

D-man said hey Livi, I have a small favor to ask you, although I totally understand if you say no. I froze. Was it going to relate to Mary? What, would she be getting a jetpack upgrade or amphibious abilities, or something? He read my mind, and said oh no, it's just that I was hoping you might be able to take a crate down to Susan's auntie's place, the oldsmobile doesn't have a lot of power, and weight really affects it. I said oh sure, no problem, I'm only packing for myself anyway. Well, I'll put it on my calendar DL! Yes, shall look forward to insteadification 2.0. Greateriffic! L said. Just bring a couple changes of clothes, D said, we've got food. I will, I said. a future oven.

- Livi.