Welcome back, DL! It's good to have you back. It was a kind of weird week actually by myself. Oh well, I leaned how to make chairs.

They arrived back around linner, which is somewhere between lunch and dinner, nobody could remember really. At that time they were pretty hungry, so we booked in an Italian restaurant, and went to have an early tea. I said so DL, how was the conference slash catching up with friends in the boonies? L said it was great, I hadn't seen my friend since school years I think. She's doing well. D-man nodded sagely and said yep, the hypermiff conversion was pretty sweet. Confirmed what I knew, but picked up a couple good tips. I said oh yeah speaking of which, how is your new old car going? Or the one I gave you, for that matter? He looked at me a moment, then said well yeah I haven't worked much on the car you gave me, but the oldsmobile is coming along pretty well. I said L, how long has the oldsmobile been coming along well for now? She said oh, about four years. I said oh yeah D-man, before I forget to remember, I'm spending Christmas Day with my Mom and Dad, plus probably Tinkerbell, possibly Christmas Eve, but I doubt John and Jon-n-n-n will let me get that off, since it'll be a busy shopping day. So I'm wondering if you can book in Mary late this month, just to make sure all the hunky is dory for the trip there and back. I don't want her feeling bubbly again like last time. Crouching tiger said oh yep, no problems, will book her in as soon as I get to work tomorrow. I said what are you both doing for Christmas? L said she'll be with family, and the D with his family. That's good, I said.

So then we ordered. I went through the menu and lo and behold, spaghetti napolitana. I said aha I know how to make this! and they both looked at me. I said well kinda, you know, I'm more into the whole fusion thing nowadays. Not nuclear, although I got pretty close to that with the pretzel crisps last week. Anyhow, DL, what are you having? The twelfth ordered a pizza with anchovies and the lot (still not sure what topping that is), and the D ordered pasta. Penny pasta, he said it was called. Silly name, because it cost 12.99. I decided to compare their napolitana, and so when the waiter came over, we all ordered, then I said oh yeah by the way have you ever tried making filini napolitana before? You know, like spaghetti but with all crunched up bits of pasta? He said no, but would keep it in mind. You never know, this might be another million dollar Livi idea.

L said well Livi, what did you get up to while we were away? Apart from nuclear fusion, I hear. I said well a lot of things actually. I learned how to make a chair, how to swim again, speaking of which Susan is scary strong for her size, I think she might have radiation-induced powers like us, L - I sold a whole bunch of berries, by which I mean of course bananas, was rescued from a congregation of mob bosses by Mary, and thought about anchors. Wow, L said, you did a lot in the past week. Yep, I said, I was unusually productive.

Then our food came. Surprisingly, spaghetti napolitana is good, and doesn't taste at all like fusili napolitana. Maybe it's the poppy seeds, hard to tell. Anyhow, I rate it four out of four capfuls of laundry detergent.

- Livi.