Yeah, I'm at peace. It sounds strange to say when everything is spinning spinning spinning sometimes, and you don't feel so good yourself, but then you remember the anchor thing, and that I don't need LGPS to be still. Everything can move around me, and I can be still. At peace. Sometimes it feels so good to say that and remind myself. I'm not ever anxious, am I?

So today pastor reminded me a lot about how peace isn't something you ALWAYS feel. It's a deep thing, like an anchor. You trust it. I've been thinking about that all day since. Also, I've been thinking about anchors since two days ago, when Mary's driving away from the salesmen scared me a little. But I'm wondering something different now. I'm wondering if the storm is good to remind you that oh yeah that's right I do have an anchor, firm and secure. I know I know, these things are easy to say OUT of the storm, but that doesn't make it any less true. And that's what I'm holding to.

Now, today I have a special announcement: Susan taught me how to swim straight. I was watching her for a while on Tuesday, and I couldn't figure out why I kept hitting the side of the lane. And she said well you have to keep looking where you're going. I said oh I thought you just do that at the start, and then flail about until your head hits the wall on the other end. But I tried the whole looking-where-you're-going thing today after church, and I can confirm it works. Kudos to Susan, whatever kudos are. Sounds like some Spanish dessert.

- Livi.