Good friends are hard to find. It's true. Because they're not even in town. Nope, the DL have gone their separate ways, one to automotive conferencing, and one to catching up with friends in the boonies. Wait, that sounds wrong. They haven't gone their separate ways as in not together anymore. Well no, actually that's true, they're not together at the MOMENT, but they will be. But not in a friendship kind of way. They haven't broken up. Well, I mean they have physically as in like they can't see each other, but their relationship hasn't broken up. Am I making any sense? I need coffee.

Mmm, coffee is good. Ok people, so today I was at work, and Benjamin Franklin told me a secret. No, it wasn't about electricity. He told me that bananas are in fact a type of berry. I stared at him as blank as a new A4 out of the ream. He said it's true, they grow botanically as a berry does. I said hmm so we should call them yellowberries and put them next to the straw and the berries of rasp? He said no, well actually strawberries and raspberries aren't technically berries.


It's true. So the only berries we sell are bananas and blueberries. This is going to shake up my world a bit when I see people advertising berry products. I will say to myself, ok Livi you have a half and half chance of banana or blueberry. Which will it be?

Yeah, but this week has felt a bit strange, I mean no DL at church, or calling or seeing during the week. Glad I could see good old Susan. Well, really good young Susan, kind of like the new thin book, and sometimes I think maybe these things are good. I mean when you don't see them for a while you realize how much you appreciate them. So DL, hurry back. My weekly pun outlet is being severely limited.

- Livi.