I barely had time this morning to unpack what I needed, it's all been go since last night. Had a change of clothes and essentials on the back seat, the rest of my thingies and thingumbobs are strewn across my apartment in boxes. Apart from the doohickeys, I don't need those 'til Wednesday.

It was a beautiful drive up to church this morning. One thing I am grateful for is that wherever you go, there's family of our God. Here in this small town, there's only one church, but it's a very friendly, and Bible-teaching church; what else do you need? Mary seems not to be complaining too much at the change, although I'm sure she misses the smooth roads where we came from. But most of the roads here are sealed, and the ones that aren't are farther out in the country.

The pastor here was very welcoming, as was the congregation. Already, and strangely it feels somewhat like home. I struck up a conversation with two girls, we were talking about life in general, and they asked me what I was doing here, then we talked a bit about the sermon, which was about what John was saying about mercy. Not giving to another what they deserve. One of the girls said it was like a complete reversal of her life when she came to know Christ, and understand the mercy of God, that it changed her thinking completely. Once she couldn't believe such a thing could exist, and now she saw differently. It was like that animal, she said, that the Victorians had only ever seen in white, and never even thought of there being other colors. She said she was pretty sure it was the Victorians. I said I was pretty sure that rung several bells as well. The other person said she was pretty sure it rang her bells too, but that she couldn't remember what it was, 'do you know what it is, Olivia?'

I said I didn't, because I couldn't, but this annoyed me for some time as they continued talking. It was definitely the Victorians. At least I remember this factoid being related to England, and pretty certain it was some years ago. But what was the animal? I was pretty sure it was a bird, and I thought to myself, 'it can't be a crow or a raven. I mean, the whole point of those things being ominous is that they're only in black. Maybe it was a pigeon? But pigeons aren't a one-tone deal.' As I was thinking about these things, apparently the conversation changed to clothes, and the girl on my left mentioned something she thought the other girl reminded her of. The other girl asked, "what do I remind you of?" It was at that moment the answer came into my head, and I blurted out, "a goose!"

But I know this is a tangent. Mom, you were asking how I was going making friends.

After church I was invited over to someone's house. Well, not just someone's house, I mean I'm not the kind of person that people who are standing next to me at the pedestrian crossing have this sudden urge to invite for tea and biscuits. Though that would make a cool superpower. I stayed for lunch at the Randalls'. They make very good chicken pie. Actually I think it may be the best chicken pie I've ever tasted. If you ever go to the Randalls', make sure you say you like chicken pie. Hope I'm allowed to write this. Apologies to the Randalls for sudden inflation of dinner guests.

Well, I'm going to sign off. The animal, by the way, is a black swan.

- Livi