That's right readers, today I have proof of the fact that Sparrow Falls does not just have sparrows, but also falls! Also it has rocks. Lots of rocks. Especially pointy rocks. But only someone who forgot to wear shoes, and went out in sandals would know something like that.

So there I was walking up the reserve towards wherever up was, when I came across a valley. Maybe it was too shallow to be called a valley. It was a creek, at least. And this creek had water in it! So naturally I followed it (the path went along the creek, anyhow) until I came to a larger creek. And that's when it started getting hilly. My legs started getting pretty tired I think about ten mins in, after all I'm not the athletic type, but for the sake of proving to myself and everyone who reads the fact of falls or no falls, I kept at it. So I climbed. And I walked. And I kind of walk-climbed the bits where it was too steep to walk, but too flat to climb, like a crab. And some of these hills had rock-steps in them where there was grass around, and they looked natural, I don't think they were put there, and they were very handy in getting up towards the top of the mountain/hill. Then where the valley met the trail, I stopped for a bit to take some blog pictures. And that was where the falls were.

The first fall came when I was looking through the view-finder and lost balance. The trail was mostly pebbles and sand, to be fair, so it wasn't awfully sturdy stuff to hold a grown woman. It really was the trail's fault. I remember saying to myself I think the horizon isn't quite level, and then it hit me. The ground, I mean. Also several bushes, a rock, and a sign that said BEWARE OF INCLINE. But I can't help being inclined to photography at less-than-ideal times or locations. Take heart, my readers, I assure you my efforts were well rewarded with this masterpiece:

After I stood up, there was a kind of buzzing sound in my ear. To be honest, I'd had tinnititus before, but this was something else. It was quite loud, and only in my left ear. Then I realized: it was a bee. A bee was stuck in my hair, and I kind of freaked out, and that is how I come to tell you of the secondary falls.

The second fall began at the start of a great big tree that stopped the first fall. It was probably quite a nice tree, and good to photograph, but I wasn't really in the mood for photography after the first falls. Actually all the trees in the reserve are quite nice. Except for this one, because it had bees in it.


If I was a bit more calm, I probably would have answered that question I asked a while ago, do bees have knees? Knees or no knees, I am not fond of bees. As it seems, they're not too fond of me either. So I legged it. I also armed it, because I was using all four limbs to get away. I thought, oh no the bees with knees or no knees are coming after me. There is only one solution I know, and that is water. So I scrambled down the side of the valley, really just as fast as I could without regards to anything in the way. Eventually I came to the middle of the valley and threw myself in the creek. I could hear buzzing all around me. Boy were they mad. It was deep enough for me to lie in without any bits of me being above the water. So I did. I stayed there for a good few minutes, only taking a couple breaths. When I came up, they were gone, or at least had moved somewhere else. I sighed a sigh of relief. I splashed about in the water. I think I might have danced. Then I heard footsteps. Probably they were there before, but I didn't notice them because of the bees, and also because of the fact that I was under water. There was a camera pointing vaguely in my direction with lots of people about, and a boom mic.

Mom, Dad, anybody listening, I don't think it's going to be worth tuning into the national geographic tonight. I mean, we've all seen enough of creatures in their natural habitat, who needs one more? I highly recommend a long, interesting book instead of watching TV. Or just between the hours of 7 and 8:30.

- Livi