PAIGE 299 - 2.99

Blueberries are 2.99. Redberries, also known as raspberries (whatever raspbs are) are also 2.99. Purpleberries, also known as boysenberries, are 2.99 as well. Today is a 2.99 kind of day.

Uno, something that's always astounded me working at Dave&Dave is the variety of fruit available. I mean, even melons come in rock, water, honeydew, and champagne, plus more. There's such an incredible variety of everything, so we don't get sick of any one thing, and get all our vitamins and minerals. Plus the colors of all the fruit lined up on the shelves. I know some people like black and white TV, but nothing beats color. The person who programmed TV's got nothing on the person who programmed the world of plants.

And what an amazing world it is. I was driving back home (well, Mary was, but you know that) on the way today, just looking around at all the wonderiffic colors and different trees and things. I remember grandma saying there are over 100 colors of green. Maybe not that exact number, but you get the point. Sometimes life is so terrible you forget how there are still glimpses of that Eden that we lost all around. Well, it's been recovered again, and Christ is coming to take us back to paradise. Just sometimes days like this are so nice to be reminded of that by things we can see. Not that we walk by sight, but sometimes sight is refreshing, too. Like a raspberry lemonade.

- Livi.