Day 2 of no jellyfish, and also no electrocutions. I walked in after work and at last caught up with Susan! I said well Susan you look like a fish... um, in water. You were very good with all the kids yesterday, plus you can swim really well. She said thanks Livi, glad to see you! And then we went swimming for a while together. She did all these different swimming styles, pretty sure one was called a backstroke, so I guess normal swimming must be forwardstroke. There are a lot of strokes I've got used to seeing, mostly the big red crosses through my maths exams in highschool, but Susan had some ones I've never seen before. I can do forwardstroke, and then when I get tired, it's the Dead Man's Float. I tried holding my breath in that position, and after about 45 seconds I felt a hand go under me and next thing I know is I'm being pulled to the shore. Or the polished blue tile, whatever you call it. I said wow Susan you're mighty strong for being small. She said oh my goodness Livi I thought you had passed out! I said well Susan if I was a swimming disqualificator, you would get an A+++.

Then she turned and said oh hi Li! I turned, and there was some other girl the Susanmobile was waving to, who I later learned was in semi-professional competitions for the 100m sprint. Or whatever you call it when it's in water. 100m swim, I guess. She said hi Susan. Susan said hi Li. Susan said Li, this is my dear friend Livi. Li said hi. I said going swimming Li? She said yes, over in the 100m lanes. Want to join me? I said absolute Li.

So we went over to the 100m swim event, and took our lanes. I said where's the hop skip and dive? Li looked at me and said that would be pretty dangerous, wouldn't it? The tiles here are pretty slippery. I said true, you think very...

intelligent, Li.

- Livi.