It was my idea, for the record. Well, not the part about Mary joining in, but me going. I had just come home and was actually feeling a bit on the warm side, I mean I guess after all summer is coming up before long. Or down, I'm not really sure which direction seasons go geographically. And then I realized suddenly I had never actually been to see where Susan worked at for some strange reason. You know how you have those weird eureka moments? Well, going swimming for me was one. Why hadn't I been before? Oh, because I have bad memories of swimming. You see, it was when I was eight.

Scene: The Beach. Actors: Livi, Mom, Dad, approximately seventeen jellyfish. Action!

So I decided to see if I would like swimming again, and so I went down to the garage to tell Mary we were going for a drive to Susan's work. She said that's great! are we going to talk with Susan? I said well she might be busy with swimming lessons, but I'll definitely go for a dip, I want to see if I actually like swimming after all this time or not. So, as you can imagine, she said I'LL COME TOO!

Well Mary, I said, we'll cross that bridge over troubled water when we get to it. And so we drove to the swimming center, and I got out, and Mary started following me towards the entrance. I said oh sorry Mary it looks like it's a pretty narrow door, I don't think you can fit in. She said oh ok I'll go hunt some ducks. So I decided not to tell her off, and just let her. She definitely wouldn't have fit through the door, so I'm glad they weren't double doors, and she took that ok. It's also good that she's not conscious about her figure. Yet.

So I went in, and lo and behold there was Susan at the far end teaching a group of kids. It's amazing how they learn to swim so fast. I mean, just the week before they were probably munching grass in a paddock somewhere like Sauntie's instead. I dipped my toe in the water, and found it wasn't even cold. I guess they have heaters in the water. Not sure how nobody was electrocuted, but hey the marvels of modern science. So I got in, and what do you know I remembered how to swim. Also I realized that I liked swimming.

- Livi.