Have you ever been so tired you couldn't write a blog? Well, this is just about what I'm feeling now. I was washing dishes when I realized I forgot to put detergent in, so I reached over for the detergent bottle only to pick up a rubber mouse. I said oh well, at least my dishes will be squeaky clean, and I put it in the water. Now outside there was a bike going past, and I heard some distant sound, so I went to the front door and stepped out onto the footpath, only to find that they had put a manhole there overnight and without any cover. Suddenly I found myself falling, then hit the floor and found myself next to my bed again.

I said oh well, so got up and fixed myself some chocolate milk and a biscuit, and sat down at the table when my eyes started going really blurry. Next thing I know is there's a RING A DING A DING DONG and so I get up, and look at the clock. Oh, it's five to five, Mark my word. Hello Mark, what do you have - oh my gosh it's an elephant. Now how do you think I'm meant to fit this in my house? And I don't think my rental agreement allows pets anyway, um... Sorry I'm just the delivery guy. Oh well, um well bring it in, now watch where you're going with it! But of course I forget there's a manhole in front of my house, so I step backwards and fall into it, and suddenly wake up covered in hot chocolate, with biscuits generously strewn about. Ok Livi time to go to actual bed.

Wait, why is there a manhole between me and the bed?

- Livi.