The DL called today, and lo and behold they are off to Vanuatu for a holiday. Not really. They're off to The Wold slash the boonies. There's this thing I totally forgot to tell you about, although to be fair the world is full of things. The D goes to this auto conference every year in November, and the L is going to catch up with some friends who live in the country down South, like way beyond Mr. Picnic and his enchanted forest. So D called up, and told me this, and bells started ringing, and I said oh yeah I totally forgot to remember you said that. Well, have a good time learning about sprocket axles and whatsiwhats. He paused a moment, and then told me it was in fact about the hypermiff conversion, but that's ok. I said well have a good time anyhow. He said L won't be at church this week or possibly next as well. We hope you'll be alright. I said me? Oh yeah, I'll have Bolivia Sage and Time Girl over. Not to forget Mary. He said Bolivia Sa... oh right, her. Yes, ok well you guys all have a great time, we'll have to catch up the Monday after. He said do you have any plans? I said well hmm my 31 microwaves are looking in need of quality assurance testing. He said 31? I said oh yeah, the 32nd one, well... yeah never mind. Let's just say they should provide disposable forks in packet ramen so you don't use your own ones, and forget it's still in the cup.

Well, so next week I'll have to come up with some bright ideas. Like inventing lightbulbs. Or making light some other way. Speaking of which, I found this certain brand of pretzels that has a double foil layer...

- Livi.