Don't be disappointed if you can guess the subject of the opera. Mary and I went to the L's place, where D happened to be as well, so it was the perfect timing and all. Now Mary and I had been practising pretty well all of yesterday, so we had it down pat like a security officer. Now we pulled onto the drive, rung the RING A DING A DING DONG, and then the DL answered, and we switched channels from Life: The Reality Show, to Life: The Musical. Backing track: Yankee Doodle.

Hello DL! It is I,
just me and my daughter
we are here to sing a song
which I have kind of taught her.

Crouching tiger! you da man
who gives ideas to Mary
so now behold how out of tune
she sings, it is quite scary.

(second vocalist, "Mary" enters stage left)

Once a poodle came to town,
I think his name was Tony
with his family he walked
upon the sidewalk stony.

Yes, the sidewalk it was hard
but not so hard as running
away from watermelons rolling
at you, they're quite cunning.

Well, the roadside it was filled
with thirteen thousand bubbles
a driver hurtling down the road
found unexpected troubles.

Hit the brakes, and out he hopped
to see the traffic flowing
but on the poodle dog he tripped
and then continued going.

Ran into the girl called L,
and meanwhile Mary spinning
was playing roulette with a lamp-
post, don't know who was winning.

Crouching tiger, you da man
who gives ideas to Mary
so now you know how out of tune
we sing, it is quite scary.

- Livi.

P.S. Tickets now on sale. Touring starts December.