There was a shipment of pomegranates today at Dave&Dave. Not sure if you've ever had a pomegranate, but they're pretty amazing, like they're filled with tiny rubies. Only they're not worth anything. Also they're very hard to eat because all they are are seeds.

After work, when I came back to the parking lot, there was a pretty loud sound of singing, and I went oh no I recognize that voice please tell me this has not been going on all day. But I wasn't brave enough to ask, so we went home. At least she's happy. There was a whole lot of singing coming from the direction of the garage tonight as well, and I mostly just let her go on with it, but I did go down from time to time to tell her that she was doing a great job. I also said that we had to start working on this song soon, so she needed to try and figure out a few lines. With rhymes, rhymes are always better. I'd think of a few subjects too that the DLS might like, or not like, and we'll write an opera. I don't even really know what an opera is, but I've heard it involves soap, so I've got some of that at least.

And while I'm on the subject, oh my gosh I just discovered the best thing about soap. You can microwave it. Well I mean you can microwave anything that fits in the microwave, but not everything does what soap does. IT MULTIPLIES! Just like my maths teacher, it goes on and on until the bell rings. And by the time you take it out, wow it's grown about ten times. Maybe this isn't a bad subject to sing about.

- Livi.