I decided to go for a bit of a drive with Mary after work to see the town. I mean there's not a lot of daylight after work and dinnertime, but enough to have a look around. So I did, but not before parcel man came. I said what's your name. He said Mark. I said Mark, you're an excellent parcel man. Have you seen me elsewhere about the town by any chance. He said no. I said ah that's a relief. He then gave me a fan.

It's all becoming a bit routine, but it's hilarious in the strangest way. I mean a fan again. So I went driving (not only to scout out for more Livis, but we didn't find any). Went pretty randomly to be honest, and not in any direction. Idea was just to get a good glimpse of the town, take it all in if you know what I mean. Went past the reserve and it looked pretty spectacular at sunset, but we didn't go in. Saw the mechanic's as we passed by the fated whatsit street, also saw the post office (closed, though), and a bakery. Ayckerie Bakery (Scotch, I assume). Try to say that ten times fast. The croissants looked pretty good, I made a mental note to come back to it someday and try the pastries.

Most of the town is pretty nice I have to say, after having grown up in the city it's quite a breath of air to see trees everywhere, and the streets so clean (relatively, of course, there's still litter here and there). I noticed a couple other apartment blocks too, they looked like mine, also from a Swedish furniture store no doubt. Towards the north I did in fact see what I believe to be The Falls, although I can't quite say as I was at a distance to them. But they were inside the reserve, and on top of quite a tall hill where there looked to be a creek or something running down the middle. I need to check that off my list, now that I've seen a sparrow.

Towards the North-West there are some more commercial buildings, including a bank (not the one I'm with though) and some kind of warehouse, not sure exactly. Corrugated steel doors and whatnot, so maybe a distribution center. Not too far there's also a library, a bit away from the commercial street though, and also a small playground sort of thing back towards my house, which I saw when I was making the return trip.

So, this far, I can say that I call Sparrow Falls home. I feel like I'm coming to know it more day by day, definitely more than when I first moved in. There are all sorts of new things I've found out, like the fact that everybody is practically Russian, or that March spells a major three-event tournament, in which there are actually seventeen. And that I like stocking shelves most of the time, wouldn't have guessed this but it's true. I think the customers and Des make the job enjoyable. And that sometimes life is weird. Actually all the time life is weird, or hard. But I know these things are temporary. And you know what, sometimes I really do feel as if I can call this place home.

- Livi