So happy Reformation Day today everyone! That's what everyone's out celebrating, isn't it? I sure am grateful to know that salvation is totally God's work and not ours, and we can't increase favor with him by our works, because if we could... well, we'd be doomed. I'm not like super a history buff, more a microwave buff, and also I hear that you can buff with car wax, but that's another story. Yeah, life is mad, and crazy, and insane, and hard, and sometimes really really terrible. But one thing this day reminds me of is that God is Love, and Love loves us completely just because he loves us. Nope, nothing you can do to increase that love, or bring yourself into that love, and that's what the reformation is all about: reminding us to see the Bible as it is, God's love letter to us. Nope, we didn't write him any love letters, and his love to us sure didn't come because of anything we could do. Yep, we're saved by faith, and by nobody but Jesus Christ.

It's good to see everybody getting into the celebration. I mean, kids dressing up in white blankets, which I'm pretty sure is the spirit of the reformation. Also the angels and devils. Yep, good job everyone!

- Livi.