So Susan came over and I made teriyaki. What were my highlights? Well, they were mostly brown, I think they blended in with my hair not too bad though. I mean, sure they were a bit sticky and smelled like ginger, but maybe I'll try permanent highlights in the future. I'm not entirely sold on the idea though, I'm not fully decided. It's hard. Especially that it's set in for 24 hours now. So maybe I've chosen permanent.

She was not doing too well when she came in, though she was smiling like ever, so we sat down and talked for a while. It seems like some of the stuff has blown over somewhat, but like a storm it sure leaves you feeling battered when it's over. But there was Susan, still looking up to the Son beyond the clouds. And I said to myself, now there's your anchor.

I went to get her a glass of water, but remembered all my glasses were in the dishwasher. So I did some washing up, all the meanwhile cake mk. II was in the oven, and teriyaki mk. II was about to get into the wok. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. First the glass got washed up, I went to the beach to get it back, then filled it up and gave it to Susan. But when I came back, poor Susan was crying, so we just sat down together for a good half hour without really saying anything. It was getting pretty dark by this time, so I had to get up to close the blinds, and check on the cake. Then I went back, and lo and behold she was laughing. I said what is it? She said have you gotten highlights? I said oh no, and looked down. The bottom of my hair had teriyaki on it. I said don't worry Susan, I'm not using it as a marinade brush, I promise. And we had a talk for a while later, then I went to meet Terry Yaki. He was actually pretty well behaved, so this time no more disasters. We had dinner, and I shared some things I had been reading in my devotional last night, and we also sung that song together, "There is a Fountain." At the end of it, Susan was looking a little more upbeat, if only a little. I know though, that what matters is where she's looking though, I know that painfully true. And she's always looking up. I said Susan sorry I need to take the cake out of the oven. And so I did.

And only then did I realize that my hair had also got some cake batter on it that was left on the counter when I walked by. I said Susan I'm really sorry but I think I need to take a shower. She said yes Livi I think you might. So I went and had a nice hot shower, and left my hair to soak for a while. Then I realized.

The batter had literally cooked on with the hot water. I am turning into a walking smorgasboard. I got out, dried my hair, and dressed, went to meet Susan, who said um Livi I think you've missed some... actually quite a lot. I said look Susan, when you've been me for a while, you learn to cut your losses. Or your hair, you know.

- Livi.