Bubble mix. Mary. Why did I think that was a good idea? You see, Mary insisted she go over to L's to show her new bubble gun after the D-man had fitted it. Now I should mention while we rocked up (pop rock this time) there was a family walking their dog on the footpath behind. So, of course when L opens the door, Mary goes 'hey L look at this!' and does circles and more circles, all the while bubbles are furiously forming at 2750.5 bpm. Now I don't know if you've ever had a snowball fight before, but basically what happens is a couple snowballs fly through the air and you can try to dodge them. Unlike, say, an avalanche. Well Mary's bubbles were not the snowball fight type. So next thing I know is that I'm in a parallel dimension where everything has been turned into bubbles. Also, there is the squeal of tyres, and barking dogs and shouting people. So in this parallel dimension what happened is that the driver going by couldn't see, so slammed on his brakes, and happened to hit a trash can. Now, said trash can contained an entire watermelon, for what reason I can't say except that I also understand how burdensome those things are unless you have shopkeeper black magic. So it rolled out at high velocity like a bowling ball and got a strike. Of five people and a dog, of course. The driver by this time was alarmed, and so stepped out of his car - and tripped over the pins that had fallen over. But since he's leaning forwards, the law of motion which my Scotch professor told me about took its full (kinetic) effect and he continued charging headlong... into L's house. Now where was L? In front of the bull.

Mary got two strikes in a row.

- Livi.