Did you freak out about the title? Don't worry, it's a car for crouching tiger. Nothing can replace Mary. I've made sure to tell her so, many times in fact, as she's growing up. She's growing up too fast. When are cars full-grown?

So today I was cleaning under the fridge. Firstly, have you ever cleaned under the fridge? Alice could have saved herself a lot of trouble if she just fell under the fridge. So my first tactic was a dustpan and broom, then moving the fridge. That failed dismally. My next thought was a blow dryer. I'm glad I don't have asthma. Eventually I resorted to what most people do. So I stood up, and suddenly the dirt vanished from view! Livi Cleaning Services available for hire anytime. Then I looked at the piles of dust on my floor, and said wow, well I better get the washer out. So I leaned down and picked up the o-ring. After a bit of dusting it off and washing it under a tap, I decided to go pay D-man a visit. Unannounced, of course.

So I went down to the garage and said hey Mary want to see D-man? Oh yes Mom! When? Now! and we drove off. On the way, I was telling Mary that I had a gift for the Dylanator from both of us as a thanks for the work he does on Mary, and also for being a good friend, and for being secretly a ninja, which is relieving because who knows when next time the Livis could strike. So we rocked up, Mary blaring Norwegian death metal at 100 decibels, and I pressed the RING A DING A DING DONG. D-man answered, and I said hi D-man! He said hi Livi I didn't know you were coming. I said that's because I didn't tell you, now Mary and I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work, and for being such a good friend to us, and also secretly a ninja. Don't worry, only Sage knows about that, and she's a PI, so it's all good. I know how you always drive old cars around, and I felt very sorry for you not being able to afford a new one, so I bought you a car. D-man's mouth I measured about 3.5 inches from the concrete, and I said ok crouching tiger, hold out your hand. But Livi, I can't accept - no, D-man, you don't have a choice. Here you go, YOUR NEW CAR! And I gave him the o-ring.

Only 24,559 parts to go!

- Livi.