So my stipend from Des has run out. It didn't come through last week, and I realized today that it's been over six months since he went home. Wow, you know, I'm still grateful for Des, even now. He helped me through Helga's time of trying to get fired from her job, and also he just generally taught me so many things about retail and business. I never really knew my grandfather, maybe he sort of became like a grandfather to me towards the end. You know, I'm far enough that I can look back on out time without being sad. There's still some bittersweetness about the whole thing, kind of like green tea I guess, but I don't feel sad anymore thinking about him. Not sure why, maybe just time passes, or maybe it's because it only really hurt me anyway, I mean he went home. And now you know I think I'm doing ok, I'm kind of able to take a wide view on everything with my panoramic eye (the left one). So, you know, time passes. Also one day I remember pastor saying, time itself will pass, and we'll be beyond all the problems of this time.

Hmm, you know I realize I don't talk a whole lot about my current work. It's not that I don't appreciate it, it's just more corporate I guess, and busier, and I don't really feel like writing much about it. I guess it's just different. I think more about my friends and hobbies, they're the things I like to write about. But sometimes I have a good conversation or two with Markopolos or Jon-n-n-n. It really feels like a work kind of work, more businessy I guess, if that makes any sense. Guess I've never been in this kind of work before. Anyhow.

L asked me today how the theatre went. I said, yes, it went. I don't know how well, since I've never been to the theatre before. She asked how my line went. I said yes, it also went. Then Mary butted in and said she had never been to the theatre before either.

Yes, you know where this is going.

- Livi.