It was a simple line. According to my mathematics professor, all lines are. When the first part of the play was nearly finished, there would be a lady who would sit down on a bench beside some guy and there would be a musical number. 11.5, I think. Guy cracks a joke, lady does not laugh, guy looks at audience and cracks another joke. Livi stands up and says... well, I forgot to remember.

Now I had this line going around in my head for some time, had it down pat like an airport security officer, then I took my seat (L bought the seat after all), and the curtains rolled back. The lights came on, and a fat lady sung. I said to myself, wow that was a short play, and got up to go. But apparently that wasn't the end. I guess modern theatre bends tradition and all that. So there were live horses, and men dressed in tuxedos, and random spontaneous musical numbers, like 13, and pi. I have to admit I didn't have high hopes for the theatre, but this production was actually pretty amazing. I was so lost in thought that only when a guy sat on a bench beside a lady and started cracking jokes did I realize that something was ringing a bell. I think it was my memory. So I said to myself, hmm why do I get the feeling of deja vu? Pretty sure I haven't seen either this would-be comedian or the unimpressed lady before. Wow, I said, these jokes aren't too bad. Wait, why is the cast all of a sudden quiet and looking out to the audience? Have they forgot their lines? Poor cast members.

Now by this time I could swear that Comedy Man (na na na na na na na na Comedy Man! Comedy Man!) was looking in my direction, like specifically at me. And so I thought to myself, oh no what have I got on my face this time? And he cracked another joke out towards the audience, and the lady sighed. Then all of a sudden 4000 bells started ringing. I said to myself, oh he just cracked a joke about an arsonist going to a housewarming. Then I stood up and said YOU'RE ON FIRE! NOT LITERALLY, BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE A WORK HEALTH AND SAFETY RISK, BUT METAPHORICALLY! ALSO COMEDY MAN, I APPRECIATE YOUR PUNS! then I sat down.

Well, the rest of the show went on. I still have no idea whether I said the actual line or not, but it seemed fitting at the time. Improv, right?

- Livi.