Hello to all you people! I am Mary of the dark. Mom says I can write this blog because I've never done written before, except for that reply to Zabimb Abacha. Mom is funny. Today Mom and I drove down to where the bear called Mr. Picnic was, but we didn't see him again. Dylan didn't believe we saw a bear until I told him too. Dylan doesn't always believe Mom, but he always believes me, because Dylan is a genius. Dylan is working on a new paint system, so I can do even better art than last time.

Today I saw four ducks. Mom doesn't believe it's still duck season but I know it is. She asked me when rabbit season was, but Dylan told me Sparrow Falls doesn't have any rabbits, so I don't know what Mom is talking about. But it's okay, most of the time I don't know what Mom is talking about. So while Mom was upstairs, I sneaked out into the street to chase some of them away. I thought I saw a man with flyers, but it was just his phone. I nearly caught up to the ducks, when they turned a corner and flew into someone's yard. But they couldn't hide from me. So I crawled in the gate, and jumped onto the lawn. The dog started making a really loud noise at me, so I made one back. Dogs are funny. Then a lady came out of the house and was looking really weirdly at me. I told her not to worry, I was just chasing the ducks away from her yard. She didn't say anything else, and the ducks were gone, so I turned around and went home.

Grandma and Grandpa, Mom is still being mean to me and won't let me have lasagne. Why won't she let me have lasagne? She said I'll put on a spare tire, but she eats it all the time and I still haven't seen her carrying any wheels, so I don't know what she's talking about. Is lasagne like XK-40 semi-synthetic? XK-40 is really good.

- Mary.